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Currently residing in Laitila Finland, Adam Zolty is a Contemporary composer who has written for a wide variety of instruments and ensembles. Starting from a young age, Adam has acquired a considerable amount of compositions with performances given by the Nu:BC Ensemble, Vancouver Chamber Choir, the Pheonix Chamber Choir, the Bergmann Duo, and Heidi Krutzen. In addition to composition, Adam is a visual artist and founder of The Portrait Project.

Photo cred. John Grayson

Finland: 358 45 113 6450


Hannah Kennedy performs Fast Forward - a piece for Violin and Tape

Thank you Hannah for your amazing performance, this was a fun project!

Edited by Stephanie M. Neumann, Adam Zolty, and videography by Galle Studios, this performance was originally recorded on April 15, 2022 by Galle Studios and premiered online on June 1, 2022, as part of the Virtual Artist Partnerships Program (VAPP 2021-22) by the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music. Special thanks to Harumi Rhodes and Ed Dusinberre for allowing this recording to take place in their lovely home, and thank you to Julia Chien for providing the percussion sounds necessary for the tape track of this piece!

     Fast Forward is a virtuoso work inspired by the repertoire and performance techniques of violinist Hannah Kennedy - for whom the work was dedicated. The piece is composed of two elements: an accompanying tape track - composed of manipulated audio fragments of Hannah’s past performances, and a live-performed element. The music of both the tape and live-performed elements contain variants and quotations of music from J.S. Bach’s Violin Sonata Nr. 2, movements III and IV, Eugène Ysaÿe's Sonata Nr. 2, and animated musical representations of various physical gestures utilised by Hannah during her performances of these and other works. This piece is a multifaceted dialogue between past and present events and ideas.


Past Events

Classical Sound Room: Monica Chew & Otis Harriel
"Through the Rapids" has its second perfomance in Oakland, CA @ The Sound Room with Monica Chew on Piano and Otis Harriel on Violin. Click here for more information.  Performed 27/11/2022. 
Online Video Premiere of  "Fast Forward"
World premiere of "Fast Forward" - a piece for violin and fixed electronics performed by Hannah Kennedy as part of the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music's Virtual Artist Partnerships Program (VAPP 2021/22). 
Premiered: 01/06/2022  
Online Video Premiere of "Through the Rapids"
World premiere of "Through the Rapids" - a piece for Piano and Erhu perfomed by PEP Piano and Erhu Project: Nicole Ge Li (Erhu) and Corey Hamm (Piano) on behalf of the Canadian Music Centre's Elliot Weigarber Workshop Project 08/07/2021
Online Video Premiere of "I walk slowly"
World premiere of "I walk slowly," - a piece for Soprano and Viola  perfomed by Iris Bečaj and Anju Goto 21/11/2020
University of Southern California Composers Showcase Concert 
World premiere of Two Studies for Piano,  perfomed by Coen Hakeboom 
 @ USC Newman Recital Hall in Los Angeles, CA. 10/11/2019
GLFCAM Cycle 8 Concert
World premiere of Variations on Angry Themes,  perfomed by Leo Eguchi  on Cello and Haruka Fujii on percussion. @ Paul Dresher Studios in Oakland CA. 02/09/2019
Serge Garant Award for Young Composers

Three Expressions for Piano Septet was awarded the Serge Garant Award for Young Composers at the 2018 Socan Awards. 28/08/2018

Vancouver Women's Society of Music Concert
--The amazing UBC pianist Markus Masaites will perform my Piano Etude No. 1 again alongside other great solo and chamber music repertoire. 
Unitarian Church of Vancouver (949 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver); Wednesday April 11th, 11am
Nu:BC Ensemble at the Vancouver Pro Musica 2018 Sonic Boom Festival
--World Premiere of  my "Three Expressions for Piano Septet"
Orpheum Annex (823 Seymour St. Vancouver); Sunday March 25, 7:30pm
UBC Piano Premieres Project
--The first premiere performance of my Piano Etude No. 1
UBC Roy Barnett Recital Hall; Sunday March 18, 2018, 7pm
UBC Contemporary Players Ensemble
--Second premiere of "Toys" for Piano and Violin
UBC Roy Barnett Recital Hall; Friday, February 10, 2018, 12pm
UBC Contemporary Players Ensemble at the West Coast Student Composer Symposium
--World premiere of "Toys" for Piano and Violin
University of  Victoria; Friday, January 26, 2018, 1:30-2:30pm
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