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Instrumentation: Fl., Cl., Vln., Vcl., Pno.

Duration: 8'00"

Program Note: 

     Within is a hommage to the influential painter David Bomberg (1890-1957) together with his last landscape painting “Tajo and Rocks”: painted in Ronda, Spain in 1956. Ronda was an inspirational location for the British artist, visiting it twice during his lifetime. Having fought in the trenches during World War I, the late Bomberg found refuge and solace in Ronda, painting landscapes and natural subject matter like this.


     Bomberg was an influential art teacher as well and frequently told his students to search the subject being painted in order to “...find the spirit in the mass.”

     This piece opens on a single chord and as the music develops the chord manifests itself in a variety of different contexts, searching for “the spirit” within the chordal mass. I wanted to imbue the piece with a calm quality to reflect the state of mind of the artist as he uncovers the spirit of the landscape, and blended textures to reflect the interactions of colours and brushstrokes in the painting. The piece begins softly with an introspective feel and then by the end of the piece, migrates to a loud external feel, portraying the majestic subject that lies before the artist - the great rocks of Ronda, Spain. The majestic nature of the work's closing also serves to represent this being the final landscape painting of this great artist’s lifetime oeuvre.


David Bomberg: Tajo and Rocks, Ronda, Spain (1956)

Listen: Coming Soon

Flute - Ruta Vaytkute, Clarinet - Sandy Marcotte, Violin - William Clark, Cello - Niccolo Citrani. 

Premiere Performance: 20/04/2024 Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, U.K.

© 2024, Adam Zolty

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