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Three Expressions for Piano Septet


Pno., Fl. (Doubling Alto), Cl. (Doubling Bass),  Vln., Vla., Vlncl., D.B.

Duration: 9:00min


Three Expressions for Piano Septet is a work composed of three short miniature movements, each evoking a different physical phenomena or texture as suggested by their titles.


 I. Ripples


Inspired by the act of throwing pebble into a pond; the whole piece centres around a low double bass pizzicato which causes a an acoustic disturbance that is felt and reacted to by the rest of the ensemble. As the pizzicato gets louder, greater disturbances result, amounting to additions of textural complexity. The movement ends in a final big "splash" that soon dissipates. 


II. Prickly

A faster movement; Prickly showcases an amalgamation of sharp, biting sounds, from string col legno to clarinet multiphonics. 

III. Elastic 

This movement exhibits a multifaceted interpretation of elasticity that is both ingrained in the pieces' overall form, composition, and sound 


This piece was written for and premiered by Nu:BC Ensemble at Vancouver ProMusica's annual Sonic Boom Festival (March 25th, 2018)


Performers: Nu:BC Ensemble

© 2018, Adam Zolty

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