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The Manicurist

An opera in one act


Libretto by Philippa Lawford

Instrumentation: 3 Sopranos and Piano

Duration: 20'00"



     Marie, a nail salon owner, is getting ready for the last customers of the day to arrive. Natasha sweeps in, full of excitement about her new romantic partner - a lawyer who is taking her to Joni's, the new fashionable local restaurant. Natasha is patronising to Marie, promising her that she too will find someone. When Zoe arrives for her appointment, she too starts regaling the others about her exciting new boyfriend, who is also taking her to Joni's. The women soon realise, to their horror, that they are dating the same man. When Natasha confronts him over the phone, she learns that not only has he been dating them both... he is married! Both Zoe and Natasha apologise to each other for having not believed the other, and sail out of the salon together to Joni's, while Marie cleans up.


Music by Adam Zolty

Libretto by Philippa Lawford

Directed by Sophie Daneman

Conducted by Jess Hoskins

Marie - Anna Lluna Aguilar

Natasha - Sophia Yan Jin

Zoe - Lily Bravery

Piano Accompanist: Jiewei Yu

Performed and Recorded at the Royal Academy of Music, Angela Burgess Recital Hall: 15/03/2024

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