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Two Studies for Piano

Instrumentation: Solo piano

Total duration: 4:00 min. 


These two pieces were inspired by the counterpoint of Bach's Two-Part Inventions, and were a compositional study.

The first study is a slow Adagio, reminiscent of the Neoclassical music of Igor Stravinsky. This piece is loosely tonal with a disorientating sense of meter and tonality.

The second study is an atonal Allegro. This piece is solely based on a nine-note, two-measure theme that is first stated in its original form by the right hand, and then undergoes a series of rapid transformations as the work progresses.


From the University of Southern California's Composers Showcase 10/11/2019 @ Newman Recital Hall

Pianist: Coen Hakeboom

Two Studies for Piano (2018)

0:00   I. Adagio

2:17   II. Allegro

© 2018, Adam Zolty


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