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Toccata for Wind Ensemble

Instrumentation: Wind Ensemble

Duration: 3:30min


Toccata was originally written as a solo piano piece. I reworked its material and reinterpreted virtuosic pianistic passages so that it would work within a large wind ensemble setting.


The whole piece is composed of a single theme which is prominently presented in the opening, stated by the trumpets and horns. As the piece progresses the main theme becomes fragmented,  and set juxtaposed under new contrasting contrapuntal textures. In the piece I tried to convey an exciting and humorous character throughout, which is reflected in the orchestration and in its fast-paced tempo. In contrast to the piano version, this new interpretation contains much more rhythmic drive and intensity with exciting contrasts and colour shifts.  


Performers: UBC Wind Ensemble

To check out the piano solo version click here.

© 2016, Adam Zolty 

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