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The City

Instrumentation: Pno., Vln., Vcl.


Duration: 13min



In three movements: Dawn on the Streets, Nightfall, and Rush Hour

The City depicts the hustle and bustle of common city life during different times of the day. Each movement of this piece represents a time of day where a different atmosphere or vibe is felt within the city.


I. Dawn on the Streets: 


This movement starts off depicting the early morning when movement in the city is sparse with a quiet, mysterious quality looming around dark and misty streets. Then suddenly there is movement and the city springs to life.

II. *Nightfall:


After a busy day the city quiets down as nightfall approaches. A slight tension hangs around the area, never really meeting utmost tranquility.

III. Rush Hour:


Its the height of the day when the city is at its peek of movement. Everybody rushes to there workplaces to not be late. Thematic ideas heard in the two previous movements come back, but this time in a more outwardly driven scherzo. (If players so desire; this movement can be treated as a separate work as well).

*The Nightfall movement won first place at the Langley Summer Pulse festival for young composers in 2014 



Performers: Pulse 2014 Ensemble

© 2014, Adam Zolty 

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