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Summer Ode from the Deer Lake Suite


Instrumentation: Piano 4-Hands (Orch. Reduction)

Duration: 5:00 min.


The Deer Lake Suite is a collection of what will eventually become three orchestral pieces inspired by Deer Lake - a lake in Burnaby British Columbia close to where I used to live. This lake was an oasis for me - a place where I could escape the hustle and bustle of Greater Vancouver city life, and enter into a blissful pastoral setting to recharge and to dream.


The following excerpt of the Suite is a piano 4-hands rendition of the second half of the first movement entitled "Summer Ode" - a piece of admiration and joyous spirit for the lake during the summer months (my favourite time of year to visit).



Nico Janssen of the Royal Danish Ballet has interpreted and choreographed a dance to this excerpt which Daina Zolty (my sister) performs.


Dancer: Daina Zolty

Choreographer: Nico Janssen

Music by Adam Zolty

Music Commissioned, and Premiered by Piano Pinnacle: Deborah Grimmett and Iman Habibi


© 2023, Adam Zolty

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