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Suite for Organ, Timpani, and Brass Sextet

Intrumentation: Org., Timp., 2 Tpt., 2 Hrn., 2 Tbn. 

Total duration: 21:00 min

In 3 Movements: I. Overture, II. Procession, III. Fanfares and Gigues.

I. Overture

Instrumentation: for solo organ

Duration: 4:00 min


Taking a bold fanfare quality, the organist takes the listener through a collage of important themes and motifs that are pepered through the latter movements. 

II. Procession

Instrumentation: full ensemble

Duration: 9:00 min


This piece is composed of a 23-chord chord sequence and takes on the character of a slow and heavy funeral march. The piece begins densely chromatic, opens up to a diatonic collection in the middle, then returns to its dense chromatic state. 

III. Fanfares and Gigues


Instrumentation: for full ensemble

Duration: 8:00 min


A dramatic and energetic fanfare theme transformes to fit a variety of musical styles, most namely those employed by Johann Sebastian Bach.



© 2016, Adam Zolty

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