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String Quartet No.1

Instrumentation: String Quartet (2 Vln., Vla., Vcl.)

Duration: 5:30min


This is my first String Quartet, written when I turned 13.

The piece begins with a solemn march in the cello, then works its way up to the first violin. The piece then smoothly shifts to triple meter, taking on a more complex texture. Arpeggiations soon become more and more prominent, freeing up the tensions brought by the metrically strong march of the opening.  Through harmonic progression, the piece gradually shifts to the major mode with arpeggiations disintegrating and releasing a majestic rising and falling melody. The listener is then reunited with the march theme, displayed in a more triumphant manner to close the piece. 

This piece was written for Vancouver ProMusica's Sonic Boom Festival which it premiered in 2010. This piece was also performed by UBC players in the Contemporary Players Concert that same year.


Performers: UBC Contemporary Players Ensemble 2010

© 2010, Adam Zolty 

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