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"So farewell and see you soon"

Instrumentation: Piano Solo

Duration: 3:40min


Adopting an old jazzy/ragtime feel: “So farewell and see you soon” takes a journey through different jazz styles in traditional ABA form. The A section is more lyrically and melodically pronounced allowing for a greater freedom of expression while the B section is in swing time, hinting at ragtime ideas.


I wrote this piece for my godfather who shows great interest in popular works from the twentieth century. In writing the piece, I tried to recapture the musical experiences of these works that he loves to listen to. The title of the piece is named as if it were a song that was sung to lyrics. In this work I feel a great presence of a singer, so much so that I envision the main theme’s end melodic phrase to carry the lyrics of the title.


Performer: Sarah Tang

© 2017, Adam Zolty

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