Instrumentation: Vln., Ob., Hrn., Perc.

Duration: 8:30min


Written for vsNEW 2015/2016 festival, Innuendos is a piece which explores the combination of measured and unmeasured music. It is composed of a series of three unmetered solo sections. Each solo is separated by a distinct metered dance-like motif which reappears and developes as the piece moves along. As each solo passes the ensemble grows until all players are contributing to the texture. When the last solo is heard, the dance-like motif takes hold and builds to a contrapunctal climax filled with canons, and melodic interactions. The piece finaly disintegrates with fragments of the solo material heard from when the piece began.


Performers: William Lin, Nellicia Klop, Aaron Graham, and Duane Kirkpatrick

© 2016, Adam Zolty

© 2019 by Adam Zolty

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