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From Me To You

Instrumentation: Solo Piano

Duration: 10:00 min.

In two movements: I. From Me, II. To You


   "2020-2023 was an emotional time for the lives of many. For me, it was a time of great uncertainty, a time of change, and a time for deep reflection. I found solace in my composing and wrote these works very slowly, begining in the Fall of 2020, and finishing it in the Spring of 2023. In doing so, it has helped me through the most difficult of times.


I. From Me is an introspective piece, responding to the complexities of my life at the time. II. To You is my musical prayer to the world for a happier, fruitful, and bustling future.


While these songs can be performed as stand alone works, I advise pianists to play both in immediate succession to reveal the full intention of the composition as a whole, and for the significance of its title to hold true.


These songs are a gift From Me To You." --Adam Zolty

© 2023, Adam Zolty

From Me To You.jpg

Adam Zolty: From Me To You (2021)

Medium: Watercolors

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