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Instrumentation: Bsn., Bcl.

Duration: 4:30min

In 4 short scenes (movements):

     1. Aggressively

     2. Solemn

     3. Mysteriously

     4. With Determination



Corper is a work that originated from a very cute stop motion animation short about a copper man put together by my friend Hawking Tan. We both collaborated on this project; I improvised music on the piano to go alongside the film, while Hawking did the animation.

A year later having watched the video again,  I thought that this piece would do well as a fun duo among two musicians, especially if it was for bassoon and bass clarinet. I then began to transcribe what I had heard from my improvised piano track and added a few more measures to create more interest and to elongate an otherwise shorter performance. I then broke the piece up into four scenes, each scene having its own emotion and character.


Performers: Debra Loh, Jesse Branter

© 2016, Adam Zolty

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