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A Little Sonata

Instrumentation: Fl., Vcl., Pno. 

Duration: 5:00 min.


   Every now and again I love writing music that pays hommage to old styles and forms of expression, not only as a hommage to the old masters, but also as a project to strengthen and refresh my composition, harmony, and counterpoint skills. The work is in a neoclassical programatic style inspired both by the sonatas of Haydn, and Schubert, and the neoclassical/neo-romantic chamber music of Francis Poulenc. Lots of fun surprises are in this piece including a familiar quotation from Felix Mendelsshon. The piece takes on a typical Sonata form with exposition, developement, recapitulation and coda closing sections. This piece was written for and dedicated to the Junnila family - a warm and musical family whome I met while living in Finland and who play the instruments featured in this trio. 


(3) A Little Sonata - YouTube

Premiere performance: Vera Hulber on flute, Ada Junnila on cello, and Adam Zolty on piano. 


Uusikaupunki, Finland May 18, 2023

© 2023, Adam Zolty

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